Benefits of Mindfulness

Growing empirical research has shown that mindfulness meditation techniques can help individuals achieve:

Improved physical and emotional health – Mindfulness teaches you to face life’s ups and downs more calmly, which allows you to better regulate your stress hormones, results in better overall health. You also develop greater self-acceptance and experience an improved sense of well-being.

Better management of challenging situations – Mindfulness helps you adapt more easily to change and uncertainty. As you become less reactive and learn to consciously respond to events, you will boost your resilience when faced with difficult situations and become better at handling stress.

Enhanced self-awareness – Mindfulness makes you more aware of your thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and patterns of behaviour as they are happening. By becoming more aware of your intentions, you can better understand yourself, your environment and those around you. You can see other perspectives more clearly and thus become more compassionate, both to yourself and to others.

Greater focus – Mindfulness helps you maintain your focus in the face of distractions, whether they are from external sources or your own buzzing thoughts. By becoming less reactive to these distractions, you will be able to concentrate better and boost your productivity.

This list is not exhaustive! For more information, check out the following clinical research studies and findings. 

Below is a video depicting Anderson Cooper's journey with mindfulness