Resilience & Mindfulness for Children

This is a 6-session programme based on Social-Emotional and Mindfulness skills, adapted specially to suit our local children’s needs. The programme teaches social and emotional learning skills that link cognitive neuroscience and mindful awareness training. Using striking visuals, film clips and activities, we present these life skills to children (Ages 7-11) in a fun and engaging way.

  • 6 x 90  minute sessions
  • Maximum of 10 children per group
  • 1 x Parent information session




Dates to be confirmed


09:00am – 10:30 am (90mins)

Some topics covered over the 6 sessions:

  • Understanding feelings and practicing empathy
  • Thought challengers (Thought-Feeling-Behaviour Pathway)
  • Responding vs Reacting
  • How our brain work
  • Focused Awareness (Mindful listening, seeing, movement)
  • Perspective Taking
  • Friendship skills – Making and keeping friends
  • Gratitude
  • Altruism: Feeling good through helping others and giving back to the community