“I was skeptical but curious, and had been postponing joining the MBSR for a while. Glad that I took action and joined Han Ee’s MBSR program. No matter how much you read and think you know yourself, this technique will definitely open your eyes to something else. For sure I will continue the practice and maybe join future events.” Pimenta, M., IT Consultant


“Han Ee has a very professional, pleasant, measured style and approach in his facilitation of the MBSR sessions. His advices are never imposing but respectful and easy to understand. He also has a very composed demeanour that puts students at ease.” Wong, C., MarCom Specialist


"Thank you for leading me through 8 weeks of personal growth! Do not belittle this course as one with its focus on meditation! The participant gets to walk through a guided journey by the patient Han Ee where he/she, through the use of guided meditation, is challenged on his/her mindset of approaching stress (and life in general)... I strongly recommend this course if you are remotely interested in this!" Chia, D., Medical Physician


"We always feel that we have control over our lives and every action. Our over confidence might leads us to destruction when we fail to acknowledge our body's inability to handle a rigorous schedule. This MBSR program has brought me back to recognising our physical limits in handling the emotional swings in our fast-paced life. Being present and aware has allowed me to be alert to changes in my physical being and arresting the emotions that are negative, and encouraging the positive ones." Poh, R., Senior Banker


"Wish I had taken this program a decade ago. Yes, still have fights in the corporate world. But now, with new tools (no baggage), right moves( awareness of self & foes), the fight is easier, achieving a higher victory. Turning foe into friends." Leong, S.L., Managing Director


"It's an amazing course! Even though I am familiar with the concepts of mindfulness, Han Ee made it come alive for me. There were many insights that I gained through the practice and Han Ee explained & reinforced those concepts by linking it to our practice. Perhaps the best thing I can say about this course is that I learnt a very wonderful concept of taking care of myself and gain on awareness of my mind-body sensations and emotions." Quah, S.H, Manager


"The MBSR course gave me many new perspectives and abilities about life and myself - much more than I expected to learn. I am grateful I took the time and hope to walk further on this mindful path which leads further to myself - step by step." Wild, K., Physiotherapist


"Started off feeling resistant to the concept but eventually benefitted through series of meditation and yoga practicing. Sharing sessions in each session was particularly helpful in expressing experience and getting perspective from others." Ong, A.M, Regional Head of Logistics


"MBSR is a very powerful program, not because of what Han Ee can teach you in class. It's about you, and what you can experience and find about yourself in the 8 weeks. 8 weeks is a journey of both the good and the bad. There will be good experience and bad experience, but all is about yourself. Really recommend this program to all." Lim, D., Project Manager


“It is an excellent program. I would do it again if I can. The flow is great with deep learning at intense moments of self-awareness. Han Ee is very good as a trainer, a good (& neutral) listener with deep questioning techniques.” Bendefa, N., Executive Coach